Prosthetic Dentistry in Brighton

A dental prosthesis is a type of dental restorative that replaces a lost tooth or hides faults in teeth. Implants, crowns, bridges, dentures, and veneers are all examples of dental prostheses. If you’re considering getting a prosthesis for any reason, your dentist or prosthodontist can help you pick the best.

What do Prosthetic Dentists Do


The name says it all: Implants are a type of restorative dentistry that restore teeth by replacing them with either one, several, or even an entire row of teeth. The root of the tooth is inserted into the jaw’s bone like a crown in order to be replaced by dental implants.


A dental crown is a cosmetic covering for a tooth that is custom-made to match the colour and form of the natural tooth. An implant-supported crown can be utilised in situations where a natural tooth’s structural integrity or decay has rendered it unfeasible to cover with a dental crown due to significant damage or decay. The natural tooth will first need to be removed before placing an implant-supported crown. Then, after the jawbone has been punctured and an implant screw inserted, an attachment piece, or abutment, is attached. The abutment will stick out from the gumline and the gums will be stitched around it.


A dental crown is a single cap that fits over a damaged or decaying tooth, whereas a dental bridge is made up of two dental crowns connected by a false tooth or teeth. Dental bridges are able to heal adjacent teeth that have deteriorated, fractured, or missing all at once owing to their distinct structure. An implant-supported bridge is one that dental implants are used to create a dental prosthesis (fake tooth) because one or more natural teeth are unable to support it. Instead of relying on the natural teeth, implant-supported bridges make use of dental implants as a source of support for dental crowns and fake teeth. A dental bridge is attached in the same manner as a dental bridge.


Dental implants serve as the foundation for dental prosthesis made of natural teeth, such as dentures. They are used when a significant number of natural teeth are lost or have severe damage or decay. Dentures can be worn as a removable dental prosthesis, but permanent fixed dentures were secured with dental implants in the mouth.


Dental veneers may be used to repair teeth that have become severely discoloured. Teeth can get so blackened or resistant to bleaching treatments that conventional whitening procedures are ineffective against them. We can remove the discoloured enamel top layer and replace it with a dental veneer for a long-term whitening solution.

Veneers are thin shells that cover discoloured or chipped teeth to make them seem better.

How do you Choose Prosthetic Dentists in Brighton

Depending on your individual case, we offer a number of life-like replacement teeth. Using state-of-the-art materials and techniques, Hampton Dental Surgery in Brighton can provide you with a new smile that looks great, functions well, and restores your confidence in speaking and smiling. Many of our patients report increased enjoyment of life after receiving a dental prosthetic since they can now enjoy interacting socially and enjoying the simplest pleasure of life, eating meals, without worry or impediment.

Why Choose Us

We have created a functional yet attractive workplace environment to ensure that all of our patients feel welcome! We want everyone who visits our cutting-edge facility to feel comfortable and at ease, whether they are getting the most current therapies or not.

When it comes to prosthetic dentists, Hampton Dental Surgery is the dental practice you can rely on in Brighton. Our team of professionals at Brighton East Hampton Dental Surgery is here to assist you with any concerns and give the finest service possible for you and your family.