Prosthetic Dentistry in Highett

What do Prosthetic Dentists Do


The tooth that is damaged is first removed, and then the implant is placed. After the root of a damaged tooth has been eliminated, a hole is drilled through the jawbone.

A metal prosthetic root, often known as a post, is inserted deep into the bone. The crown will be attached to the top of the post only after the bone has grown around it and locked it in place.

It may take several months for the post to be erected, which is the component on which the crown will be attached. When a post is inserted, the abutment is sometimes put at the same time.


A crown is a covering that is placed over the entire visible surface of a tooth, excluding the gum line, and covers both upper and lower teeth. Crowns are made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, or sirconia and are designed to be attached over an existing tooth with intact roots. They’re most often used. Most dentists will take an impression of your tooth and send the information to a professional lab, and they will create your custom crown. With technology moving at such a fast rate, some dental offices may now offer same-day crowns that are created right in their rooms, so you don’t have to wait two weeks for the lab to send the crown to the dentist.


If you have two healthy teeth on either side of the damaged or destroyed tooth, a bridge will span the gap with a single prosthetic that appears to be three teeth. A bridge does not restore the root of the tooth but rather maintains your other teeth in their proper positions so they don’t shift into the space created by the lost tooth.

Every prosthetic is custom built in a lab from exact impressions of your bite. This assures that your prosthetic fits properly and blends in with the rest of your natural teeth. Bridges are quite long-lasting, but they do require regular maintenance and visits to the dentist. Maintaining a healthy home dental health regimen and visiting your dentist on a frequent basis.


Dental implants are used to restore the appearance of a patient’s smile after dentures have been lost. Dentures can be complete sets that replace all or part of a person’s teeth on the upper or lower jaws, or they can be made to repair a single missing tooth. Partial denture replacements are one form of denture replacement.


Veneers are thin, shell-like dental prosthetics that are composed of either porcelain or ceramic. They’re made to improve the size, form, or colour of your teeth in a way that is distinctive to each person. Veneers are secured to the front or facial surface of your teeth using a special adhesive for strength and durability.A veneer requires the removal of a small amount of enamel to fit properly, so they may give you the desired outcomes. Veneers have the potential to make a significant impact without requiring extensive or expensive treatments, but they are more delicate than a crown and need special care.

How do you Choose Prosthetic Dentists in Highett

Finding a specialist who has the appropriate level of education, training, and experience is critical for implant dental success. However, it’s also critical to locate a dentist who pays attention to your needs and opinions while also making sure that you understand everything. This is more probable than finding someone you are comfortable with.

Why Choose Us

Our objective is to gain the confidence and trust of our patients. We want to make sure that each patient is confident in choosing us as his or her dental care provider. Whether it’s a single crown or a comprehensive mouth restoration, we should be able to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

We’ve created a welcome yet attractive workplace atmosphere to ensure that everyone who visits our cutting-edge facility feels comfortable and at ease! We want everyone who comes to our cutting-edge facility to feel welcome and at ease, whether they are receiving the most up-to-date therapies or not.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your dental care. Our dentists in  Highett will go through all of your tooth replacement alternatives so that you can make an informed decision.